New Thing: Day 1

So my holidays are going on after the final exams of class 10 and honestly, I have never hated holidays SO much. There is absolutely nothing, NOTHING to do. Just lay in the bed whole day, eat, read books, watch movies and repeat. I was bored to death with this routine and had nothing else to do.

So my brother gave an advice, ‘Do something, anything, NEW every day and write about it’. So I thought, what could be new? And instantly ideas started popping in my head;  go to the park, make a dish, draw or paint, craft, leave internet, write a story etc etc.

And for today, I decided to paint. I don’t even remember when I last painted :3 it’s been so long. but coloring was my favorite pastime when I was young. Just give me a coloring book and I would finish it in just two days.

And now I don’t even remember when I did so last time. Such have our lives become. Heh

I found the only unfinished coloring book and lots of colors and began.


There was a picture of Cinderella in the book and after discussing Cinderella recently so many times because of the movie, I decided to color her.

And this was the result:


I could not find black crayon so I colored her hair purples and THAT is kinda giving her an evil look.

I had traced it in the beginning on another sheet and decided to paint that one, and the result was:



I know the fingers don’t look like fingers, neither do the lips but what do you expect from me after so many years?

Being full spirited about this new hobby, I decide to paint another one!

There’s a poster on my cupboard which goes like:


So I tried to copy that one and I made this:


I was happy, you know, with my hard work and the result though it wasn’t much and not feeling bored now. I was satisfied.

But then; I saw this on Facebook:


And now I just want to sleep and get back to my routine.



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