Dil Ki Deal :D

As my holidays are going on, so as usual it was a lazy day which soon turned to another binge watch night with bro.

It was almost everyday’s routine now for me; to be up till late and then get up late in the morning and as it were my holidays, parents didn’t bother much and allowed me.

Another night, we were watching Friends, sometimes together, sometimes on our own or sometimes a movie.

It was almost 2:00 am now and I was feeling exhausted and decided to finally sleep. Right then, brother said, ‘bhook lag rhi hai yaar’, with a heartbreaking face. And it broke my heart :p

It was a tough situation, going to bed because extremely sleepy or making something for bhai.

‘I’m very tired and going to bed, please make on your own’ i said and went to my room.

But came back, because, dil.

I then slowly and noiselessly went to the kitchen.

Well, making something that is maggi weighed more than going to sleep.

Opened the drawer, took out the maggi and with the help of the torch in the mobile, started making maggi :p

While the water was boiling, I slowly peaked in his room to check what he was doing, and satisfied that he has no clue, came back to the water.

I put it in a bowl and put ketchup on top of it in my style :p


He was still into his laptop not caring what is happening around at all.

I slid the bowl on top of laptop and, oh  that  shocked smile that came on his face 😀

‘But weren’t you sleeping?!’ he said gulping down the noodles like he hadn’t eaten in ages :p

‘Good night now :p Enjoy’

‘But where is yours?’ he asked

‘I’m not eating, just made for you’

He immediately stood up, made me sit down and asked me to wait.

After two minutes, there were now two bowls and we were again watching  Friends. The one with all the cheesecakes!


There are small moments like this, that make you amazingly happy deep down and you feel the warmth of happiness.

I could have just slept and not care to make something but I didn’t.

Because that’s what my heart said. Giving up on sleep isn’t always bad 😉

Do what your heart says and you’ll be happy*

*exceptions are always there! :p

P.S. – I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdealactivity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal !


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