Farewell, room

A home is like a seashell. Beautiful and serene. Your room is the pearl inside the seashell. The beautiful treasure.
A home,like us, grows. From mud to bricks to house to home. To home sweet home.
I came in my home on October 2, 2004. I was 5, then. Now I am 17 and it’s time to leave.

I am shifting to another house of bricks. It will take time to convert it into a home.
Why will I miss this home so much?
Because I grew up here. Played with the stones when someone else’s home was being built in front of ours. Counted the stars on the terrace with my father. Played video games for hours straight with my brother. Got hurt and had had stitches on my forehead here. Learnt to ride a bicycle with my friends and parents. Fell from the stairs, got up and started laughing, here. Ate pakoras in the balcony while it was raining. Studied till 3 in the morning and then slept till noon. Got dead scared of the lizard in the bathroom. Baked my first cake. Ruined my second cake. Ran a nimbu paani stall for the elders of the house. Played hide and seek with the whole gang of cousins. Invented games and made records.
And so many other things!
Most of all, I am going to miss my room.


I decorated my room from scratch. And it’s hard to pull everything down now.

The numerous posters I got printed at cheap rates to save money. The times mom told me to dust the trophies (Show off) and every time I said, kal pakka. All the hours I spent to arrange the books in the perfect manner. The time I put the wind chime on the door. The infinite times I scolded my brother my bringing shoes inside my holy shrine.

I am going to miss all of this so much even though  everything I mentioned, is going to happen there as well. So why do we get attached to such old things and memories?

Because we are human. All the firsts matter to us. And all my major firsts happened here. First stitches, first cooking, first trophy, first slap, first blog post and  what not :’)

But again, there’s an opportunity here as well. I get to make double number of firsts. In my two homes. There’s no use complaining. Get up and get the most out of whatever you get.


So? I am going to stop whining and get down to packing some stuff. I know I am going to cry when I leave. And it’s good to know that beforehand. I am not ashamed of it. It’s my childhood I am leaving behind. And going ahead to form a new one. It’s going to be a new life. And I hope it’s wonderful 🙂





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