The year that was; 2016


^My 2016 in one word
(That’s the story of every year, though)
No matter how much I say that I don’t want to believe that the year’s come to an end, deep down, I am just too excited and scared for the year(s) to come. I am growing up. And I hate that.

But nevertheless, 2016 was special. Like every year, this year made me laugh, cry (with laughter) and helped me live every moment to the fullest.

I love writing year recaps, although this is only the second time (2015 was the first one) I am writing on this blog but I always write one in my diary.  Even though I don’t write everything, but I definitely revisit everything again 🙂 The feeling is wonderful. And it strengthens your memory as well xD

So here’s how my year went!

  • Exploring the City (or not)

The Gulzar Event: Listening to the legend live was a treat. And  I also got his autograph! Eep!

Kitaabain jhankti hain
band almari k sheeshoon se
bhari hasrat se takti hain
maheenon ab mulaqaatain nahi hoti
jo shamaain un ki suhbaat main katta karti thein
ab aksar guzar jati hain
computer k pardoon par
bari bay chain rehti hain kitaabain
inhain ab neend main chalnay ki aadat hogai hay
bari hasrat se takti hain
jo qadrain jo woh sunatein thein
k jin k sal kabhi martay nahi thay
woh qadrain ab nazar aati nahi ghar main…… Kitaabain Jhankti Hain

The Coalition: This was definitely the best event I have ever witnessed in my life. People from literally every walks of life were present; shedding light on literally everything. Amazing evening of creativity. There were ministers, chocolate makers, filmmakers, actors, stand-up comedians, some of the biggest event managers and so many others.  The fun part was the AIB team interviewing the Bollywood team xD And I even got to listen to the TVF mastermind, Arunabh Kumar!

Somebody in the audience asked a scriptwriter a question about how to write and the reply (in the context) was damn funny: “Tu bas likh bhai. jo marzi, jahan marzi likh. Pen se, paper pe, table pe, deewar pe likh. Bas likh.” Amazing xD It was one HELL of an evening 😀

Davis cup: It was no IPTL but I GOT TO SEE NADAL!!!!!! YIPPEE! And I had my English exam the next day which I rocked B) (#Ranpo: 6)

  • The Reading Continues

I am again down to just 8 books, given the heap of studying to be done, but these 8 were books were wonderful. I have already reviewed 5 of them here xD The other 3 were: My Sister’s Keeper(A little too emotional but nice), The Catcher In The Rye (Hated it) and The Invisible Man (Good) (Goodreads)

  • The Big Screen

It was not a good movie year for me xD I can actually count the number of new films I watched this year on my right hand. Because it is just 4. Lol. I am pretty amused at myself for this. I am stocking everything for next year after exam boredom days :3 Out of those 4, my favourite would be Finding Dory and Dangal. (Finding Dory #Review)


  • Schoooooooool

(This will take so long that I have decided to write another BIG post but after some time.)

I was awarded the ‘Best Football Player’ (of my house) this year. The last trophy I received, albeit 4 years ago, was ‘Best Tennis Player’. Do you see how diverse I am? B|

Being the house captain was also fun. I got a hint of how the school works xDAnd for the first time in 14 years did I participate in so many events in school. I really don’t know why I didn’t do all this stuff before 😐 But well, I enjoyed every bit of it 🙂

  • Birthday(s)!

I turned 17! And received 2 of the most beautiful cards I have ever seen and lots of gifts!


And for the first time since I was born, I got spared of making cards for my family xD Thanks to my blog haha! (MaPapaBro)

  • The Book Haul

I did not purchase a single book (SELF CONTROL AHHHH) this year but the number of books in my bookshelf still increased by 19 xD It’s all magic I tell you.

Received the 2 on the top from Blogadda for my 2015 year in review blog, HP&CC on the day of Rakhi, the next one was a free give away(it is a weird book) and my brother also got 14 books from his work trip to Mumbai! And the last one was from Goodreads Secret Santa. THE EXACT BOOK I WANTED!!!! I love each one of them 😀

  • New Home, New Beginnings

It was tough. But enjoyable at the same time. I shifted not even 500m away from my previous home but it felt like a whole other city. Quite fun, actually. Exploring a new place in Delhi was my one of my to-do things this year and I did! New parks, new place for the milk and well, a new place for momos xD

  • Trip to Ludhiana

What started as the first lone trip ended up being a trip with my cousin, which was way more fun no matter how I much I wanted to travel alone. I went to Ludhiana after nearly 4 years. It was a 2.5 days trip but those few hours, me and my cousins watched 5 movies, ate like never before, played like never before and had fun like never before 😀


  • Dressing up!

For the first time in my life, I wore a dress, a suit, and a sari and that too, in the same year. It was nice. But I will still prefer my loose shorts and bro’s t-shirts over ANYTHING.


And among all the good things and bad things, my favourite moment was this:

Yes. I never had a piggy bank of my own. But I always wanted one. This year, I bought one and then another when the first one was filled. Everything related to the piggy bank was wonderful. The smell of clay when I dipped it in water, the first time I put the coin and then the note inside it. It may seem a bit too dramatic but boy I felt good 🙂 And the best part? When PM Modi announced the demonetization move and I had to break them! I would have waited till new Year but smashing them down early was even more fun haha. I loved it. And I have bought a new one now! Even bigger.

And now it has all come to an end. I am ‘excary’ for the coming year. Excited and scared (Invent a second term: Check)

This was an amazing year. I hope 2017 will be the same for me, and for everybody else.  I have a big list of things to do next year. Some real things. I hope I am able to come up to my own expectations 🙂 Happy new year!



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