Playlist 2016 ♫

I don’t have a taste in music. I pretty much like every other thing I hear. May that be my mother scolding, my friend swearing or my brother blasting century-old songs from his mobile. I love it all. But only a few things become my favourite. Here are my favourite songs from my playlist of 2016. Some (or many) might not be released in 2016 but discovered in 2016 by me. In no particular order:


1. If The Hudson Overflows 
2. Up&Up  (Wow song and wow visuals. I LOVE the video. Every second of it. I thought of screenshotting the favourite scenes but that was tough. Here are 3 of my many favourites)

3. Cheap Thrills (It’s Saturday and I won’t be long B|)

4. Fly (So keep on climbing, though the ground might shake
Just keep on reaching though the limb might break :’))
5. Don’t You Need Somebody
6. Verge   (From now on
There’s no looking back
Full steam ahead
On this one way track
From this day forward
I will make promise
To be true to myself
And always be honest
For the rest of my life
I will do what’s right
I will do what’s right
When I step out on the)

7. To Build A Home (All time favourites. I love the instrumental)
8. Ekla Cholo Re (Oh the voice)
9. Bol Na
10. Moh Moh Ke Dhaage
11. Perfect ( I legit listened to this 200 times in a month. Jam of the year. SO LET’S START RIGHT NOW! xD)
12. Tu Hai
13. Sau Aasmaan
14. Bulleya
15. Fursat (Got to know about it from a friend’s status, loved it. Video, too.)
16. Iktara (Every year’s favourite)
17.Khaabon Ke Parindey (Ditto)

And this little sweet song; topped the playlist.

“Dil hai chota sa; choti is aasha
Masti bhare man ki; bholi si aasha
Chaand taaro ko choone ki aasha
aasmano mein udne ki aasha
Dil hai chota sa
Choti si aasha”  

I couldn’t listen to many new songs this time. Usually, I listen and watch the songs on television but this time my only source were the neighbours’ speakers :3 I am not kidding. I even listened to Channa Mereya first time on that after about 2 months of the movie releasing, let alone the song. It was still a good year of music 😀 The songs that were left out would be discovered this year! Which songs topped your playlist last year?



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