The New Beginning


‘Kal aakhiri imtihaan hai?’ , my nani asked.
‘Hanji. Aakhiri’ I replied.



After going on for what feels like infinity, my ‘board’ exams are finally over. It didn’t really feel like anything different from the normal school exams, just that there was a thought in mind while studying- ‘you are studying it for the last time. Do it with all your strength’

I will sleep today, with a smile on my face, knowing; that studying is not the first thing I will have to do in the morning. Not even the last. Sounds dramatic? Give boards for 2 months and you’ll feel the same.
It is just this feel, this very feel, that I was longing for months. And now that I have got it, AHHHHHH!

Like everybody else, I too have a BIG list of things to do. College hunting (!), books, movies, shopping, skill development (?) et all. But the first thing I would like to do is thank my parents and teachers (and bro) for guiding me throughout the school life and these past crucial months. I love you all  🙂



I am bored.  I have A LOT to do but I am already bored.  Not following a set routine that I had been following for such a long time was good for one day. But now I want it back. Otherwise, it seems like I am wasting my time (which I am xD)

Woke up late, did everything late, tried to binge watch but failed miserably, and now writing this blog later than I had planned. I do not like this routine and it’s just the second day.

I have to appreciate the whole ‘exam’ structure for this. It makes you realise the importance of time utilisation. Hence, I am going to use my free time to the fullest. Starting from getting back to reading (review coming soon)and college hunting (along with some fun ofc)

IT IS ON. It is the new beginning. And I am looking forward to it with a lot of hope 🙂


3 thoughts on “The New Beginning

  1. We are just not doing something different. All parents do so in their own way. School days are over, agreed, but learning goes on throughout so school of life is not over rather I will say has just started where you need to work smarter. Have to understand things in many different paradigms which you may not have felt even. It’s going to be interesting. All the best and remember we are always there till we are.
    We all love you. ( smiley )

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