#Ranpo: 9 (Binging and Organising)

It’s been a week since my new beginning a.k.a post exams freedom.  I don’t know what I was doing all these 7 days. They kind of went in a blur. Whoosh! What I did do was go through the list I was making for the past few months about what exactly to do during these days. There were more than 80 things in that list when I looked at it trying to find something worthy. When I started looking since the beginning, I started deleting the stupid ones. Now there are around 55 but if I delete the ones that include travelling, I will be left with just 20-25. One was ‘re-arrange the bookshelf’. And so I did.

It’s still untidy given the space. The shelves are deep but not wide enough, it’s a huge problem to display the books in a good manner. Quite impossible. But I tried my best and I love it ♥

Doing the re-arranging also made me realise HOW MUCH I HAVE TO READ!!!!! There’s not enough time!!!!

Cleaning and organising make me calm and happy. I feel satisfied when I look at things arranged in a manner I want.  After the bookshelf, I went on with my school bookshelf and practically threw out most of the things (out of the shelf, not my life, no). God, was that pleasing xD After the 2 shelves came the holy hard disk. It’s almost sorted out except my brother’s folder which is not going to change in this decade.

“The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.”  -Marie Kondo

After the 2 shelves and the HD, came, my life. Could I do something about my life as well? Turns out, I could. There’s only one thing you need. That thing differs for everybody so I am not going to tell you what it is. It could be anything Literally, anything. The secret is to find what it is for you 🙂

You don’t necessarily have to organise your life again. You only need to do that when you feel out of sorts in your mind. That feel is important sometimes. Just to get back you in the line. It comes to me at least once a year xD Then I try to change but fail miserably. Because a change is not required. What is required is an improvement.  Not a change in what you do but just an improvement in how you do it.

Among other things that I am trying to improve, I recently made an improvement in the way I binge. I didn’t stop binging, just changed the time and I think it worked :p

This little show, set up in mostly an incubator, is awesome. I don’t remember seeing such fine actors in a long, long time. It’s hard to pick up favourite characters but I’ll go with Gilfoyle and Jared  Donald.

I love it! After binging, waiting for the next episode till Monday is really annoying. But it’s worth the wait I guess. Next up for binging is Sports Night.  

I am not really bored these days. Studying, binging, reading and improving takes up almost all the time but there’s a lot more I would want to do. And I will, soon B)



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