The House That BJ Built #Review

Name of the book: The House That BJ Built (A sequel to Those Pricey Thakur Girls)
Author: Anuja Chauhan 
Rating: **1/2
Genre: Family Drama, Chic-Lit, Humour

If only I had read it a few days before, I would have an author whose every book I have read. But alas, Baaz just released on May 1 😦

Sequels are tough. Especially when the previous part was a blockbuster of books. Those Pricey Thakur Girls was my favourite of Anuja Chauhan.  The House That  BJ Built failed to live up to that expectation.

The previous one was set in the Doordarshan era, this one in the current, modern era. I don’t know why everybody tries to be modern by disintegrating language!

“Gimme deets, bro” (Page 103)


Everything else can be modern but they focus on language, thus, making the book nothing more than a time-pass and not as much gripping as one would hope for.

The plot was loose, the characters were trying their best to leave a mark but failed. Even the Thakur girls were irritating at times. They are in their 40-50s, talking about gora manhoods but do not know what substance abuse is. Wow.

 I am happy, though, that my name was spelt correctly in this book :p Muskaan School for Challenged Children (I would have been happier if the owner would have been nicer)

There is always some romance in Chauhan’s books. And it’s mostly the one which brings a crooked smile on your face. But this time, the romance was not romantic. Neither the characters. Unlike Nikhil Khoda, Dylan Singh Shekhawat; Samar Vir Singh lacked the charisma that made you want him. I did not want him. (I want to be a filmmaker and he is a filmmaker yet I didn’t want him)

I love Anuja Chauhan. All her books have that amazing yet realistic filmy touch. But if this book had been a movie, I wouldn’t have watched it. There was extremely too much drama. The fact that the entire book was based on a story that Chachi-Ji told the young kids in TPTG is dramatic. The story is altogether more dramatic

Apart from this, there was more hinglish this time. And more swearing. I do not like that in a book. Plus, it actually disappoints the non-Hindi readers. Like if you are reading Agatha Christie’s Poirot and there’s French in it; you wish you knew the language and then curse yourself.

And the song “Aur jee, Aur jee Are you kidding me?!

Even the epilogue was not up to the mark.

I hope Baaz is better.


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