#Ranpo: 10 (Catching Up)

Almost a month without a post, that was close. I would have broken my 29-month streak! I really don’t know what to write about. So much has happened since The New Beginning (it’s been TWO MONTHS btw oh my god!) that I can’t even recall.

(I just started recalling but I just can’t type that much. I’ll save it for my autobiography lol. Do read!)

I am happy that in my free time, I didn’t do this

But I also didn’t do this as much as I had planned

What I am really happy about is that I started playing tennis again!

Stepping back on the court after 7 years brought back a LOT of emotions. Especially on the first day hehe. Collecting the balls, running to get ahead and then ditching the after-play rounds :p Even though I am the eldest on my court and everybody, including the cute kid, calls me didi, the 1.5 hour I spend there, is the only time of the day where I feel that I did something worth. (Thank you, Walter Wingfield, for inventing Sphairistikè, from which modern outdoor tennis evolved.)

And in the half hour physical, I ran 3.2 KM straight yesterday. Without stopping for a second. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY…..∞  I think I am going to brag about it for a week till Saturday when I will run for 3.6 KM (Ooh yeah)

Another startling thing that happened yesterday was the much awaited DU cut-off. It’s better than last year but all of this feels so unreal! I laugh at the idea of me going to college. I can’t help it. I AM A KID. KIDS DON’T GO TO COLLEGE! Come have a chat with me if you don’t believe me. At the same time, I am too excited for college to happen! The dilemma to choose between two or more colleges is worse than Dr. Sadao’s dilemma tbh. My brain is falling apart, gram by gram. (Maybe that explains my 2 kg weight loss- *SHOW OFF+BOOST*)

Before DU, there was a chance of me going in IIIT for an IT course and I started learning Python to get familiar. Although I dropped the IT course idea, I am still learning Python and made my first game (kinda) last week!

Tennis and Python make me positive that I am not entirely wasting my time.

Other than this, I read a book which was okay, watched some shows which were good and lots of movies with momma the great 😀

That is it for now I guess. I’ll be back with a new blog-posts series of ‘Letter to my___’ soon enough.

Have an epic day 😉


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