#Ranpo: 11 (Coincidences? I Guess Not)

Is it just me or the time is just SPRINTING nowadays? Holy mother of god, it’s been THREE months since my last exam, TWO since my result and ONE week in my new college. WAO.  I am amazed at this time thing xD Sometimes I wonder if all this is real. Really.

Keeping that aside, I really want to talk about coincidences. Has it ever happened to you that you are thinking of a brand and its advertisement suddenly appears on tv? That you are trying to remember a word and your mother says it in her next sentence? Etcetera Etcetera.

It has happened to me. A lot more time than I could hope for. And I LOVE it. I absolutely love these little coincidences.  Every other day, I think about noting them in a diary. But as soon as they happen, I forget them. And maybe that way I enjoy them better.

One such thing happened this week. (May not seem that interesting to you, though xD)

•   I read books. I am always reading at least one. That day- Tuesdays With Morrie (Out of the other 50 unread books)

•  I watch shows. Every afternoon. That day- Friends S05E11 (Out of 10 shows, numerous seasons and numerous episodes)

Book:In March of 1995, a limousine carrying Ted Koppel, the host of ABC-TV’s “Nightline”
pulled up to the snow-covered curb outside Morrie’s house in West Newton,
Morrie was in a wheelchair full-time now…..”  

[And then several other mentions of Ted Koppel.]

Show: ” Monica: Hey Rach, maybe your resolution should be to umm, gossip less.  Rachel: I don’t gossip! Well, maybe sometimes I find out things or I hear something and I pass that information on y’know kinda like a public service, it doesn’t mean I’m a gossip. I mean, would you call Ted Koppel a gossip? Monica: Well if Ted Koppel talked about his coworker’s botched boob jobs, I would. Rachel: What? They were like this!….”  

[I have watched the same episode dozens of times but never knew who Ted Koppel was. Never bothered to.]

And that is it. Applying all the permutations and combinations, what is the probability that I would have read the same book, the same chapter AND watched the very episode containing this anchor’s name? Had it been even another day’s gap between the two, I would have never known Ted Koppel. Never

Just a coincidence? I guess not. 😉

And that is the reason I am loving it! Thank you, God, for making my life a little more interesting every single day. I owe you one.

P.S. Another coincidence that recently happened was that my ‘once’ crush got into the very same course and college that was my second option. Did I just confess? Oops! (God, I do NOT like this coincidence *Sheds tears*)


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