The year that was; 2017

What a year. I have never experienced a more diverse year, yet. I am actually feeling very happy :”) Unlike the previous year recaps ( 2015, 2016), this will be a monthly recap of the year.


The enthusiastic beginning of the new year soon faded away in continuous studying….and studying…and studying :3 Okay, I did not study that much but there was always that little voice in me (or my mom) telling me to.

Dhoop and Maths. Pretty much perfect


Last day of school. Nothing more to be said. OR A LOT. At that moment, I couldn’t be happier. It had come to a time when I hated my classmates and teachers. They all seemed ridiculous. Now; I miss their ridiculousness. Ah well, that’s the circle of life. (smart move to show my creative Mehendi cum temporary tattoo)

Giving the last practical exam, handing over the captain duties, the last assembly, standing in the corridors for the last time, running away (literally) from our VP, and dancing in the washrooms; it all gave a lot of emotions….and now, it seems like forever ago :’)


And the turmoil begins. 9th March, 2017. I was never in my life, so bored as during the board exams. There’s a limit to which I can read the same chapter/solve the same problem/learn the same definition again. But the issue is, you can never be too sure. Hence, you continue. In the whole examination period, I was proud that at least I was not worried or tensed. Not even on the first exam. I was simply excited. Quite a lot xD

It was the same examination center as my two brothers before, and I never appreciated my school’s furniture more after giving the first 3-hour exam on those horrible desks.


I am an adult, congratulations to me. I would have been happier if I actually felt like one haha. It was a good day except for the fact that my 3rd board exam was the next day. Thanks, CBSE date-sheet makers :))

But my family made up for it.

I also realized something; I can marry and bear a child (legally) but I can not drink (legally). My country never fails to amuse me 🙂

AND THENNNN, there were suddenly no more exams to give. (And I finally got a smartphone lol. The decade-old one but still)


Freedom to do anything, kind of. This was the month where I thought that I lack the ‘partying’ friends. All they were doing was studying for their entrance examinations. And I just had 2 (and I got in both, just so you know ahem).

So what do I do when there’s nothing to do? BINGE!

Shows watched in 2017:

1. Seinfeld (9/10)
2. Stranger Things S01 (7.5/10)
3. Sports Night (10/10)
4. Silicon Valley (8/10)
5. Sherlock S04 (3/10)
6. Suits S07 (7/10)
7. The Flash S03 (7/10)
8. Mom (9/10)
9. Younger (4/10)
10. The Newsroom (9.5/10)
11. Veep (7/10)
12. How to Get Away With Murder (7/10)
13. Atypical (6/10)
14. One Punch Man (7.5/10)
15. The Middle (8/10)
16. Young Sheldon (6/10)

I relate to Brick a lot xD

Not every show in May, though. I am not that crazy yet.

Apart from that, I read a few good books and started playing tennis again! It felt really awkward at first and then really amazing and then hard to leave….

It was all going great until the amazing CBSE decided to declare our result on a Sunday morning which was a pre-planned trip to the Sunday Book Market. Some of us still went, while some stayed behind depressed. I went, no question about that. And I bought my now one of the favorite books, A Thousand Splendid Suns. This little trip helped me forget about my silly result for a while. I still hate CBSE, though.


Cometh June and I had to go to Pune for my interview! Everyone in my family was busy, so the first interview also became the first lone trip yay. With no night stay, though. Travelled in an airplane at an age where I could finally remember it, entered a new (and very amazing) city alone, reached the campus (wow) and explored. After seeing the campus, writing a creative piece and giving the interview (which went pretty well); I still had some hours for my flight and went to a huge mall in Pune.

I had my favorite lunch, roamed around and noticed that every outlet had its name written in both, English and Hindi. It was amusing to read brands’ names in Hindi. The best part of the trip was when my phone’s battery was discharged and I was running to find a power outlet. Tried BK, the bathroom, Pizza Hut but finally got a solution at the lovely, Crosswords. Put my phone to charge, browsed through the amazing store for an hour and finally sat near my phone with a Wimpy Kid book. Time flew. I read 4/5th of the book in the awe-inspiring environment and my phone was charged 100%. I thanked the sweet guard uncle and shared my homemade second lunch with him. He said something in Marathi which I hope meant tasty. It started raining so I went straight to the airport ditching the local market. It was a happy lone day trip 🙂

And then the hunt for colleges began! The cut-off lists, photocopies of documents, getting sad, getting excited, good college but different subject, horrible college but good subject and then finally, a decent college with the wanted subject.  I was officially in a college hashtag general category.


The first week in college went away like that. It’s a small campus (much smaller than my huge school) but beautiful. College felt very different because I never even had a tuition where I had to study in ‘not a school uniform with mobiles on your desk’. It is a silly thing but very different for me. Not anymore, though.

The campus Gurudwara, the best place to just sit and think. 

I also had this thing going on when I would wear different colored socks (not just b&w but way more different). It was my way to rebel, lol.

Making new friends was not that difficult because everyone was new.  I wish there were more boys in my section haha. Diverse friends from diverse cultures and countries! (One from Nepal and one from Bangladesh. Foreign relations right on point.)

Because who doesn’t color coordinate? We’ll click the same picture in our last week of college, someday :’)


First phone, which is entirely mine YAASS. (Gifted by my lovely brother of course. Thanks, bro!) I still love my first phone the most. And it works perfectly. Nokia for the win.

And my first picture from my new phone was this:

Creative, right?


Different societies, different events, movie-making assignments and attendance issues. It was all good when we ate the chili potatoes (Another new thing for me: Canteen!)


I joined Igniting Young Minds wherein we had to teach children in a shelter home for 8-10 Saturdays. It was an overwhelming experience and I can’t wait to join the team again. I had 3 children with me, including the youngest in the home, Angad with the amazing big eyes. We all studied, learned new habits, and played a lot. Every child there was hardworking and inspired me in little ways. Their mother organization, Salam Balak Trust organized a play with the children from various homes namely SHEROES. The play was thought provoking and fantastically directed by the children.


College= College events! This was the best day of my college life so far. ‘Lights Camera Words’ was organized by my college’s English Literary Society and so many people with so much talent came and performed. Poetry, music and what not. The environment was mesmerizing. I had never attended a live poetry event and now, it’s my favorite (why else would I sit there without having any food for 5 hours straight?). Harnidh Kaur was the chief guest and it was worth waiting until the end to see her perform. The guy in the pajamas left us spellbound.


Best month, period.

I had a haircut for the first time. It was not like I expected but it was something entirely new for me!!!! Next year, I am going for a bob cut.

But what made December even better was the Family trip to Kerala. A family trip to somewhere which was not Mussoorie after almost 12 years. Every day was a happy day. 5 days, 3 cities (4, technically), hills, beaches, sugary food, bro-sis talks, pictures, and memories.

After coming back, I made an account on Instagram (which I find better than Facebook somehow) and received three comments for my blog which made my day :’) 3 years of regular monthly bogging, I feel really good! Another thing I did was confess to my ex-crushes( is that even a word?) that there was a time when I liked them. It felt really satisfying and now I’ll enter 2018 with a free mind, almost!

And now it has come to an end. The whole year was not only ‘happy-happy’. There were some bad moments, but in the end, if I am ever reading this post again, it’s only the happy memories that will count.

I plan to do just 2 things the coming year; be a little more confident and run the half marathon. (3rd is to read newspapers regularly heh). Wish me luck?

“Like I said, the best stories are the ones that end with a kiss.
Sometimes things don’t end up how you expect.
Sometimes they end up exactly the way you expect.
And sometimes, you are not ready to see how they end, you just want to hold up hope a little longer. – The Middle S05″

2018, please be good.


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