Life is your canvas. Make it as large as you want, as colorful as you want. Make it your own 🙂 Here is what I want my life to be in different decades, but, in reverse.

90-100: Death.

80-90: Last trip around the country, with my (hopefully) alive best friends; Handing over my NGO to my mentee; Wedding of grandkids maybe; Watch Sarabhai for the last time

70-80: Publish the third and final book, Have a home and a cafe in Mussoorie, Widen the NGO

60-70: Getting some award, Wedding of the kid maybe

50-60: Working for the NGO, Another trip around the country, Speeches

40-50: Publish another book, Wimbledon Finals live, Open an NGO cum school

30-40: The dream job, A trip all around India, Wedding, Kid maybe

20-30: Post Graduation or Graduation in a new subject, Publish a book, Brother’s wedding maybe, Job, Marathons, Boyfriend maybe, Visit another country, Learn to dance and Write monthly blogs 😉

10-20: School and college, Friends for life, Discovering myself.

0-10: Birth. And crying.

Writing this was fun. This is of course not everything I want to achieve but just some of the highlights.

It gave me some idea of what to do next (write and improve) and what not to do next (write and write). It may work, or may not work but it won’t go waste.It’s okay not to know what’s coming 🙂

And ofcourse it’s all happy and exciting things because nobody should dream about sad things 😉

My goals might change (even dramatically) in the coming years and I can’t wait to see how I turn up!

If not you then who; If not now then when

Have a pleasant day!

(Me after completing the post a day before the deadline)


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