What do you do all day?

12:10 AM: Suits Season 7 Finale
12:50 AM: wtf? Is that it?
08:30 AM: “If you don’t get up now you will regret it”, said the crocodile.
09:00 AM: ‘Meeting at 4, Vasant Vihar’, beeped the mobile.
10:10 AM: Typing the excuse
10:11 AM: ‘Meeting can’t be missed’, screamed the mobile.
10:12 AM: Backspace
10:30 AM: Brunch. Eggs. I don’t like eggs early in the morning.
11:00 AM: Let’s study, shall we?
11:01 AM: No thanks, I would pass
11:05 AM: Pending whatsapp, Emails
11:10 AM: Pending Instagram, Goodreads, TV Time
11:15 AM: Unnecessary Amazon
11: 20 AM: Checking bank balance because you can become a millionaire overnight
11: 25 AM: Hey Friend, how much have you studied?
11: 30 AM: ‘Nothing, imma fail’
11:31 AM: Haha me too
11:32 AM: I have to beat this kid, let’s study.
02:00 PM: Bath
02:15 PM: I don’t like this T-shirt
02:20 PM: I don’t like my body
02:21 PM: Fuck you bad thoughts, I love my body
02:25 PM: And the traveling starts
02:37 PM: Walking towards the Metro
02:37 PM: Da da dilli dilli dilli…Mera kaat kaleja dilli, mera kaat kaleja dilli, Lai gayi kaat kaleja dilli, mui dilli le gayi
02:53 PM: Aesthetic trees and metro picture for Instagram

03:26 PM: Let’s get the Hajmola drink
03:31 PM: Closed
03:32 PM: Strawberry shake?
03:42 PM: Uber
04:05 PM: Good Afternoon ma’am
04:05 PM: It’s evening shit
04:05 PM: Who defined these timelines?
04:05 PM: Why is it called evening and not after-after-noon?
04:05 PM: Focus
04:15 PM: Did you call me 28 km away to tell that you don’t have a laptop with sound?
04:30 PM: Somebody save me, please
04:45 PM: Assignments noted, can I go yet?
04:50 PM: Iced Tea. Hm. Not so bad
05:15 PM: Khandvi. You do not mess with good Khandvi by keeping it out.
05:20 PM: Yay time to leave
05:21 PM: “What about the final report?”
05:21 PM: …..or not
05:22 PM: Discussion/Gossip
05:40 PM: Left the building. Beware of Dogs
05:41 PM: Uber
06:01 PM: Walking towards the metro
06:01 PM: Da da dilli dilli dilli…Mera kaat kaleja dilli, mera kaat kaleja dilli, Lai gayi kaat kaleja dilli, mui dilli le gayi
06:01 PM: My playlist is haunted
06:03 PM: Scrubs S02E03
06:35 PM: Changing the ride
06:40 PM: But food first
06:45 PM: One garlic bread, please
06:53 PM: Here we go
07:10 PM: Surprise, bhai
07:12 PM: He doesn’t like the garlic bread. Noted
07:13 PM: Eats anything anyway
07:25 PM: No dinner for me, just some melon, please!
07: 26 PM: “Me too” “Me too” “Me too”, said the family
07:26 PM: Who would’ve thought “Me too” would never be the same
07:43 PM: I think I should study now
07:44 PM: Nevermind
08:03 PM: “Nice writing!”, said she,┬áreferring to the post
08:04 PM: Thanks, I didn’t write it. Charles Bukowski did.
08:05 PM: “Oh”
08: 30 PM: Rain
08:35 PM: Rain!
08:40 PM: The AC broke on the correct day
08:56 PM: I found a love for me; Darling just dive right in; And follow my lead
09:03 PM: Kabhi Mujhe Lagey Ke Jaise, Saara Hi Yeh Jahaan Hai Jaage,Jo Hai Bhi Aur Nahin Bhi Hai, Yeh Fizaa Ghata Hawa Bahaarein
09:27 PM: Let’s study
09:27 PM: Or reorganize the cupboard. Same thing, no?
10:00 PM: Things to do tomorrow
10:13 PM: If I get 1 lakh, what will I do?
10:15 PM: If I get 1 crore, what will I do about the 1 lakh?
10:28 PM: “Good night” “Good night” “Good night”, and the family sleeps
10:29 PM: Good morning
10:44 PM: If I get 10 crore, I will definitely move out of Delhi and live in Mussoorie
10:58 PM: Or maybe Switzerland
11: 03 PM: I think Spain is also good
11:21 PM: Shit it’s 29th and I haven’t written any blog yet.


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