Life is your canvas. Make it as large as you want, as colorful as you want. Make it your own 🙂 Here is what I want my life to be in different decades, but, in reverse.

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Those Pricey Thakur Girls #Review

Name of the book: Those Pricey Thakur Girls
Author: Anuja Chauhan
Rating: ****1/2 hilarious stars!
Genre: Commercial Fiction, Drama, Humour, Chic-Lit

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#Ranpo: 4 (The week that was)

It’s been one hell of a week.

First week in the new house has been satisfactory. It’s small and cute. And so cool. Temperature wise. The Electricity bill is definitely going to drop down.

Although there has been quite a lot trouble with no internet. (Bro’s still researching on the best packs :3) To add on, there has been no newspaper. I am somewhat paranoid about not seeing the newspaper. (Yep, seeing, not reading) It doesn’t matter whether I read it or not unless and until I  know it’s there. It’s weird, I know but again, it is what it is! And it’s good sense too, in a way.

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5 Summer Goals

Summer’s here! Well, it has been here for a long time but the vacations started just now. I am not a fan of Summer but I don’t hate the season, no. Summer’s good. It’s a happy season. You have to agree, winter is somewhat depressing at times.

So, this Summer, unlike the past ones, I am not going to sit in the A/c whole day long and watch Tv. I am going to do something. Something productive so that after a month of holidays, I won’t say that I wasted my time. And neither should you, so just follow these simple goals 🙂 (Also, drink water. Lots of it)  Continue reading