#Ranpo: 8 (Fat & Fed Up)

I was 12 or 13 when my brother appeared for his board exams. I had strict instruction from my parents not to disturb him for ANYTHING. I had lost my partner in crime and play for several months. It was tough. Little did I know what was going inside his mind. I do now. Continue reading


Hola my umm followers? Readers? Friends!

My exams are coming up and will keep coming up until May 2017. And these are the important exams. The only important exams in my life supposedly :3 Which would decide my so called dull future. Ha!
So I would be busy studying for a couple of months now.
And hence, there are going are to  be few very few  and very random and picture-less and gif-less posts for a while just so that my lovely blog doesn’t die.  I will write few small posts (with the exception of the year recap post) this week and schedule them for the coming months.

Hope my already almost zero followers don’t turn into actual zero xD

Toodles! Have a happy new year!

Meanwhile, my bro:


#Ranpo: 6 (Exams, Davis Cup and more)

I am so happy right now! Exams went good, much better that last time :D (Except ofc, maths xD) And I have to do so many things now! But first of all, I can read HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD NOW!!!! :D

I was saving it for after exams and now it’s time! #Excited. Although, I shouldn’t be so much. Because well, it’s just a book lol sorry. Never again.

Also, a couple of days earlier, Teacher’s Day was celebrated in our school wherein the senior most class students take the role of the teachers for a day and mange the students of the whole school (taking constant help form the teachers because the students, well, they are not easy I tell you)  Continue reading