#Ranpo:12 (Blast From The Past)

It was another day, one lecture after the other and then I pondered upon today’s date: 31.08.2017. Shit. 4 more months and it will be (Mind=Blown) More than that, it was time for another post on this dead blog of mine. I really wanted to write some good stuff but honestly, I am just too lazy.

So, as I was thinking about what to write with my lazy mind, God did yet another coincidence and my work was done. I received an email letter from the past-me written for the future-me i.e. the present-me. Continue reading


What Young India Wants

What young India wants is quite simple to answer after the December 16 incident. Young India here refers to the future of India, the youth of India, the youngsters, the children in India. The only thing which they want and which can improve India a hell lot is a strict and corruption free judicial system or for that every system of India. After the incident, the whole of India came into a rebel for the sake of the young girl.

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