The Month of Realizations

You would think that I laze around all month long and then on the last day my alarm rings and I write whatever shit is in my head just to complete my monthly blog.  But that’s not true. I have a lot of color notes saved with ideas for the blog posts. But of course, in the end, I laze around and my alarm rings and I write whatever shit is in my head :)  Maybe those color notes will just transform into a book someday.

So what about this month’s post. I guess February was quite a reflective month for me.

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#Ranpo: 4 (The week that was)

It’s been one hell of a week.

First week in the new house has been satisfactory. It’s small and cute. And so cool. Temperature wise. The Electricity bill is definitely going to drop down.

Although there has been quite a lot trouble with no internet. (Bro’s still researching on the best packs :3) To add on, there has been no newspaper. I am somewhat paranoid about not seeing the newspaper. (Yep, seeing, not reading) It doesn’t matter whether I read it or not unless and until I  know it’s there. It’s weird, I know but again, it is what it is! And it’s good sense too, in a way.

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