Harry Potter and the Cursed Child #Review!

And I finally read it :’) The happiness you get from reading a Harry Potter book can not really be matched (unless of course, when your mum is making Dal Makhni for lunch that is xD)  I won’t say I didn’t like this book, but yes, I didn’t exactly love it. And that’s good. This book was adventure and emotion mixed together to bring out tears.

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#Ranpo: 5 (Exams, music and more)


Hectic week(s)? Hell yeah. But now it’s all over. At least for a day a few hours :3 A few hours is also a relief nowadays :v Class 12 examinations are not a pretty sight! But I did well, mostly. Will do better the next time, starting today day after tomorrow. Can’t a little child ask for a day’s break? 😦  Continue reading