Harry Potter and the Cursed Child #Review!

And I finally read it :’) The happiness you get from reading a Harry Potter book can not really be matched (unless of course, when your mum is making Dal Makhni for lunch that is xD)  I won’t say I didn’t like this book, but yes, I didn’t exactly love it. And that’s good. This book was adventure and emotion mixed together to bring out tears.

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#Ranpo: 5 (Exams, music and more)


Hectic week(s)? Hell yeah. But now it’s all over. At least for a day a few hours :3 A few hours is also a relief nowadays :v Class 12 examinations are not a pretty sight! But I did well, mostly. Will do better the next time, starting today day after tomorrow. Can’t a little child ask for a day’s break? 😦  Continue reading

3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 3

Hello again and again 😀

So I have been nominated by my brother, Bavneet for the 3 Day Quote Challenge. Thank you for nominating me! 🙂

I have read umpteenth quotes about life, fun, success, food etc. till now. Some stay by me some do not. But all of them leave behind something.

The quote for today is:

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