#Ranpo: 6 (Exams, Davis Cup and more)

I am so happy right now! Exams went good, much better that last time 😀 (Except ofc, maths xD) And I have to do so many things now! But first of all, I can read HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD NOW!!!! 😀

I was saving it for after exams and now it’s time! #Excited. Although, I shouldn’t be so much. Because well, it’s just a book lol sorry. Never again.

Also, a couple of days earlier, Teacher’s Day was celebrated in our school wherein the senior most class students take the role of the teachers for a day and mange the students of the whole school (taking constant help form the teachers because the students, well, they are not easy I tell you)  Continue reading



Meanwhile around the round table in U.N.
CHINA– 在我的国家有紧急情况!海燕台风摧毁的国家!我需要经济上的帮助!
(There is an emergency in my country! Typhoon Haiyan is destroying the country! I need financial help!)
EGYPT-لقد كان بلدي تحت انقلاب عسكري! أنا في حاجة إلى مساعدة مالية!
(My country has been under the military coup! It is I who need the financial help! ) Continue reading

What Young India Wants

What young India wants is quite simple to answer after the December 16 incident. Young India here refers to the future of India, the youth of India, the youngsters, the children in India. The only thing which they want and which can improve India a hell lot is a strict and corruption free judicial system or for that every system of India. After the incident, the whole of India came into a rebel for the sake of the young girl.

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