The Month of Realizations

You would think that I laze around all month long and then on the last day my alarm rings and I write whatever shit is in my head just to complete my monthly blog.  But that’s not true. I have a lot of color notes saved with ideas for the blog posts. But of course, in the end, I laze around and my alarm rings and I write whatever shit is in my head 🙂  Maybe those color notes will just transform into a book someday.

So what about this month’s post. I guess February was quite a reflective month for me.

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Happy Birthday, Ma!

Mumma, Maate, Momma, Mummy, Maata Shri, Mother and Ma.
Best Friend, Teacher, Supporter, Problem Solver, Doctor, Superhero, Magician and what not.

That’s what my and everybody else’s mothers are.
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Get Healthy The Fun Way!

I am a Punjabi and I love food. In fact, love would be an understatement. Such is the relation between me and food.

Instead of blood, ghee runs in my veins. Yes.

I don’t have control on food, true. That’s where the new Honey Diet comes and saves me.

It’s tasty, a replacement for sugar AND healthy. Every foodie’s treat seriously.

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The new Airtel App!

I have been an Airtel user since I don’t remember when. It has been a wonderful experience since then.

And I had downloaded the Airtel app on my iPhone (Yeah B) Even though every fifth person has an iPhone nowadays, it still feels good to show off :p)  and life had never been easier. And I am not even kidding. Continue reading


I Went Up The Mountain

I  went  up  the  mountain

and  came   back  with  love

To  me  she  was  beautiful

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