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2013, Class 9, Bio Lab.
This is the time and location when I and my friends were done with our practical exam and were bored in the Biology Lab. We had an eraser with us, somewhat larger than the average. we decided to do things with it, on it and around it.
I still have that eraser. Intact.

Am I a hoarder? You can say that.

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The year that was; 2018

Before going into how this year actually was, can I get a pat on my back for continuing this blog for FOUR years! Aaand this is my 4th year-recap post haha, wow. (2015, 2016, 2017)

Writing the year recap is an exhausting task because I have to hunt for the event specific pictures from 5 google drives. I could, of course, write without adding a hundred pictures, but that’s not me. It’s 1:12 PM, December 25, that I have started writing with a playlist of 347 songs in the background. It’s going to be a long post. Let’s see when I finish.

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