#Ranpo: 6 (Exams, Davis Cup and more)

I am so happy right now! Exams went good, much better that last time 😀 (Except ofc, maths xD) And I have to do so many things now! But first of all, I can read HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD NOW!!!! 😀

I was saving it for after exams and now it’s time! #Excited. Although, I shouldn’t be so much. Because well, it’s just a book lol sorry. Never again.

Also, a couple of days earlier, Teacher’s Day was celebrated in our school wherein the senior most class students take the role of the teachers for a day and mange the students of the whole school (taking constant help form the teachers because the students, well, they are not easy I tell you)  Continue reading


#Ranpo: 5 (Exams, music and more)


Hectic week(s)? Hell yeah. But now it’s all over. At least for a day a few hours :3 A few hours is also a relief nowadays :v Class 12 examinations are not a pretty sight! But I did well, mostly. Will do better the next time, starting today day after tomorrow. Can’t a little child ask for a day’s break? 😦  Continue reading