#Ranpo: 11 (Coincidences? I Guess Not)

Is it just me or the time is just SPRINTING nowadays? Holy mother of god, it’s been THREE months since my last exam, TWO since my result and ONE week in my new college. WAO.  I am amazed at this time thing xD Sometimes I wonder if all this is real. Really.

Keeping that aside, I really want to talk about coincidences. Has it ever happened to you that you are thinking of a brand and its advertisement suddenly appears on tv? That you are trying to remember a word and your mother says it in her next sentence? Etcetera Etcetera. Continue reading


#Ranpo: 5 (Exams, music and more)


Hectic week(s)? Hell yeah. But now it’s all over. At least for a day a few hours :3 A few hours is also a relief nowadays :v Class 12 examinations are not a pretty sight! But I did well, mostly. Will do better the next time, starting today day after tomorrow. Can’t a little child ask for a day’s break? 😦  Continue reading


#Ranpo: 2 (Realizations)

Surprised? I am back within five days? Me too xD Turns out, writing is difficult, but writing about random things is not.

This Ranpo is going to be about my realizations. Some random and some not so random things I realized about me or the world. (Mostly while eating) Continue reading