#Ranpo: 8 (Fat & Fed Up)

I was 12 or 13 when my brother appeared for his board exams. I had strict instruction from my parents not to disturb him for ANYTHING. I had lost my partner in crime and play for several months. It was tough. Little did I know what was going inside his mind. I do now. Continue reading


#Ranpo: 1 (Amazing Promos)

And hello once again!

This post is going to be somewhat random. A ‘Ranpo’ basically. (Invent a term: check!) (To do: Invent a cooler term xD)

The main purpose for this post is to not break my own rule of ‘at least one post a month’. Because let’s face it, I am a lazy person. Correction: laziest. So to write something every month despite saying that writing is my hobby is quiet difficult for me. Continue reading