The Month of Realizations

You would think that I laze around all month long and then on the last day my alarm rings and I write whatever shit is in my head just to complete my monthly blog.  But that’s not true. I have a lot of color notes saved with ideas for the blog posts. But of course, in the end, I laze around and my alarm rings and I write whatever shit is in my head 🙂  Maybe those color notes will just transform into a book someday.

So what about this month’s post. I guess February was quite a reflective month for me.

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Farewell, room

A home is like a seashell. Beautiful and serene. Your room is the pearl inside the seashell. The beautiful treasure.
A home,like us, grows. From mud to bricks to house to home. To home sweet home.
I came in my home on October 2, 2004. I was 5, then. Now I am 17 and it’s time to leave. Continue reading


They said it was because I didn’t exercise
because I ate too much
because I procrastinate too much
because I didn’t run
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