The year that was; 2017

What a year. I have never experienced a more diverse year, yet. I am actually feeling very happy :”) Unlike the previous year recaps ( 2015, 2016), this will be a monthly recap of the year.

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The Education Game-play; It’s High Time Now

When I came back from school today, I saw on mother’s face, a look of anger and confusion and helplessness. She is a teacher; I often find her angry due to the hectic school work. But today was different.

She teaches at the same government school (at SP Road Nangloi) where only yesterday, 3-4 students from class 12 murdered their teacher. Murdered. They went in the room when he was alone, with knives, in a group, and stabbed him. The teacher, Mr. Mukesh who taught Hindi was taken to the hospital but could not survive. And the reason for this horrific act? Because he struck off their names due to very short attendance and denied them to give their examination.  Continue reading

The Candle of Hope

So, it happened a few months ago, the maid who comes to help mom with the household work, brought her daughter along that day. She had come with a book and a copy in her hand. For all the time that her mother kept working, she sat in the corner reading the book and writing something in the copy. I was very curious to know what was she studying. She really looked involved in whatever she was up to. Continue reading