Happiness is!

Happiness is when you make a baby smile with your weird faces
When you find money you didn’t know you had in your jeans
When you grab that last slice of pizza before anyone else
When you watch your favorite show with your best friends and feel like you’ll die laughing

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Dil Ki Deal :D

As my holidays are going on, so as usual it was a lazy day which soon turned to another binge watch night with bro.

It was almost everyday’s routine now for me; to be up till late and then get up late in the morning and as it were my holidays, parents didn’t bother much and allowed me.

Another night, we were watching Friends, sometimes together, sometimes on our own or sometimes a movie.

It was almost 2:00 am now and I was feeling exhausted and decided to finally sleep. Right then, brother said, ‘bhook lag rhi hai yaar’, with a heartbreaking face. And it broke my heart :p

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