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5 Summer Goals

Summer’s here! Well, it has been here for a long time but the vacations started just now. I am not a fan of Summer but I don’t hate the season, no. Summer’s good. It’s a happy season. You have to agree, winter is somewhat depressing at times.

So, this Summer, unlike the past ones, I am not going to sit in the A/c whole day long and watch Tv. I am going to do something. Something productive so that after a month of holidays, I won’t say that I wasted my time. And neither should you, so just follow these simple goals 🙂 (Also, drink water. Lots of it)  Continue reading

The Candle of Hope

So, it happened a few months ago, the maid who comes to help mom with the household work, brought her daughter along that day. She had come with a book and a copy in her hand. For all the time that her mother kept working, she sat in the corner reading the book and writing something in the copy. I was very curious to know what was she studying. She really looked involved in whatever she was up to. Continue reading