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2013, Class 9, Bio Lab.
This is the time and location when I and my friends were done with our practical exam and were bored in the Biology Lab. We had an eraser with us, somewhat larger than the average. we decided to do things with it, on it and around it.
I still have that eraser. Intact.

Am I a hoarder? You can say that.

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#Ranpo:12 (Blast From The Past)

It was another day, one lecture after the other and then I pondered upon today’s date: 31.08.2017. Shit. 4 more months and it will be (Mind=Blown) More than that, it was time for another post on this dead blog of mine. I really wanted to write some good stuff but honestly, I am just too lazy.

So, as I was thinking about what to write with my lazy mind, God did yet another coincidence and my work was done. I received an email letter from the past-me written for the future-me i.e. the present-me. Continue reading