I have had many dreams in my life. And a lot of nightmares as well, including just yesterday after finishing season 1 of Mindhunter.

But one (actually two, but let’s just talk about one) dream has stuck with me for more time than I can recall.

It fades and then comes back after something reminds me of it, or when I see someone else do it, or when something invokes a deep reflection, or simply when someone asks what’s your dream?

It is to build a school.

Only, it will not be called a school. It will not have the usual walls and classrooms or the bell ringing after every 40 minutes. It will not have someone called a teacher or a principal. It will have lots of space to run and explore, to fall and get up again, to be creative and curious.

I remember when I was in grade 10 and was telling my friends this, they got excited and wanted to be a part of it, a part of my dream project. We assigned roles to everyone. I was the head of school, P was the department incharge, A1 was the PT teacher and A2 was Suresh Sir :p

I don’t just remember the joke; I remember the excitement of my friends at the age of 15 to bring about a change in the world, in the way schools were run.

I rarely talk to P and A1 anymore, but I know they’ll be willing to do the same even today.

This change is long due.

No, this change is looooooooong due. And yet, we only have a handful of brave souls trying to bring about that change and face resistance.

I want to be one them, and also inspire others to do the same.

This little post/rant/confession is driven by the brilliant The Circle session I was a part of today, led by Craig Johnson and many others. I was equally thrilled after last week’s session by Transcend, and the week before that as well.

Having like minded people, people with the same hope for education, in one single room, can do wonders. The energy, the ideas, and the diverse takeaways itself are enough for one to keep brainstorming for weeks. I have my brainstorming sessions ready for atleast a year!

I am writing this here to remind myself not to give up. There’s a lot to learn and implement, and it will be fun!

If you wish to be a part of my Early-Supporters-Board, let me know and I’ll save a seat ;)

Late Nights #1

My favourite kind of end to a day: 10PM, all tasks for the day completed, all pre works for the next day completed, everyone at home asleep, light wind, mobile’s internet turned off, light-music playlist in my ears, and my thoughts.

Currently playing: Anchor by Novo Amor (I had no idea this was the name of this song that has been in my playlist for 2 years just because I liked the sound of it)

Currently eating: Potata! First heard of it 2 days ago when my brother brought it as a souvenir from his Palampur mini stay and now I have added 10 more packs of it to my amazon basket.

Currently thinking: Continue reading


People will tell stories about you at your funeral. What chapter are you writing today?

I’m in the middle of a chapter I would definitely skip reading because the protagonist is either crying in front of her laptop or in the bathroom or while cycling. There are no motivating dialogues in this chapter, nor are there any jokes. She doesn’t know what will all the work she’s been doing lead up to. She doesn’t know if it’s even enough. She can’t answer easy questions when asked firmly. And she hates to be seen as weak.

She hasn’t been talking to people and her plans don’t work. She has had momos for dinner thrice a week but not enough water even a single day.

She always wanted space around her but now that she finally has it, it seems intimidating. She wants to fight but doesn’t know her opponent.

She’s dull, confused and crying.

I want to skip this and start reading the chapter where she is…well, I don’t know yet. Does it get better?

P.s. I have never felt like this before. I’m the most positive person I know. But right now everything seems bleak. And I sincerely hope all this is just my highest ever dose of pmsing because I can’t live like this.