#Ranpo: 18 (Something)

I don’t know why I make it a point to post at least once a month, even if I write some random shit. I guess it just makes me happy. Happy to have something consistent, when everything’s changing.

My blog will always remain a random mess ;)

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I ate 1 chocolate when I visited my school after about 2 years last week. I usually eat 3 together but I couldn’t ask for more from my favorite teacher who had taught me for 4 years.

I met my first friend that I ever had after 5 years at 6 in the morning last week. The clock struck 7 in what felt like 8 minutes. But I stayed there till 9 when both of us were late for our 10 am prior commitment.

I reached by 11. I hate being late. I was apologizing till 12.

I am on the ‘close friends’ list of 13 people on Instagram. None of them are in mine.

I started writing when I was 14. By 15 I lost the patience.

Rakshabandhan is in 16 days, 17 if you count today. My youngest brother has also turned 18. We are oldies now.

My sister’s getting married in 19 days. I have seen her every week for the last 20 years. 21st year is going to be less fun.

I’m planning to run 22 km after the wedding, to shed some of the extra kilos gained.

My project’s due on the 23rd. I am pretty sure nobody will get more than 24 marks.

I can’t believe my brother’s 25 years old. My father was married by 26. I can’t imagine that for him even at 27. My project involves Nehru. He was 28 when Indira was born.

It’s National sports day on 29th August and my best friend’s birthday on the 30th. She hates any and every physical activity.

Months that have 31 days seem longer than just one day. Xanthicus month of the Macedonian calendar once had 32 days. Macedonia is a country, Macadamia is a nut.

33 seems like a double kiss or a fart, whatever your mind reads. I would have spent 34 months in my college when I finally graduate.

Article 35A is in the news lately and might get scrapped. 36 China Town is an awfully made murder mystery.

37 people liked my Peacock pictures on Instagram. The number of alphabets in 38 is one more than in 39. 40 is XL in roman numerals. 41 is a movie written, directed and produced by Glenn Triggs.

My goal is to finish the 42 km marathon next year. I sincerely hope I succeed, I don’t really have many goals.

It takes 43 muscles to frown. I wish to remember this silly fact till I am 44.

I miss the 45-minute lectures of school spent in counting the minutes. I have my first ADHM practice run in 46 days. The 47th day will be a cheat day. My classmate weighs 48 kgs, I weighed that much in primary school.

I used to forget that 49 is a perfect square. I don’t understand why would anyone call themselves 50 Cent.

My mother’s 51 years old. Father’s 52. In the year ’53, I’ll turn 54.

And it has been 55 months since I began this blog!!

Thank you for reading and supporting, whoever did.
Here’s to another 55 last-minute blogging months! ☺