Playlist 2018 ♫

It’s that time of the year again! Favorite finds in no particular order:

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Monthly mourning

This month has been invigorating and at the same time despondent. (Improve vocabulary: check, use new vocabulary at the right time: fail)
Why you may ask?
Let me answer that through a conversation between me and my imaginary friend, Saku. (Shit, I need to be more creative than this)

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Triund: Trek for Beginners

*Start reading from the first photograph for the Trek journey/tips*

June 2018 has been great for me. Probably one of the best summer months yet. I usually always wasted my vacations sitting at home: eating, sleeping, watching tv, sometimes studying and occasionally going somewhere out.

But this one was different (fingers crossed for July to be too). I, (clears throat), did not stay at home even for a single day. Okay, that sentence doesn’t sound correct. Basically, I went out every day, not sitting at home for 24 hours. With friends, with family, alone, sometimes even to very basic places. But IT FEELS SO GOOD. I have had days, hell, even weeks, when I didn’t step out of my house even for stretching my arms. There was simply nothing to do outside. Not this time though. (Silent victory dance).  Continue reading

#Ranpo: 15 (Meh)

May 31; 11:13 PM

I have never been this late for any deadline in my entire (although small) life. My deadline for the monthly blog (which is something I created for myself to feel good about having a ‘regular’ blog) is in less than an hour, and it takes me 20 minutes to write a post. However today, I do not have any clue what to write about. Plus, dead tired. So, I’ll do what I always do. Write random shit things. Continue reading

The Month of Realizations

You would think that I laze around all month long and then on the last day my alarm rings and I write whatever shit is in my head just to complete my monthly blog.  But that’s not true. I have a lot of color notes saved with ideas for the blog posts. But of course, in the end, I laze around and my alarm rings and I write whatever shit is in my head 🙂  Maybe those color notes will just transform into a book someday.

So what about this month’s post. I guess February was quite a reflective month for me.

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