Not so easy: Nag Tibba

Don’t fear the title, you can still do it, provided you are fit enough ;)

After several canceled plans over the year, I realized the only successful plans are the ones that a) are spontaneous and b) don’t depend on half a dozen people. So here is one such spontaneous trek that I had been meaning to do for a long time now: Nag Tibba; December 2019. Continue reading

Playlist 2019 ♫

It’s that time of the year again! 2019 was probably the most diverse year of music for me, thanks to Spotify and its SPOT ON recommendations! I listened to a lot of new genres, artists, bands; some mainstream, some underground; some that I came across some random thing; some just to have something in common; some because I admired someone and some because oh why not? Some songs were revisited too!

Favorite finds in no particular order:

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It’s okay

It’s 8:13 AM, I am on my scooty going to the college and my mind screams: FUUUUCCKKKKKKKKKKKCKCKCKK.

Why? Because I realise it’s October 1 and I just broke my 56 month streak of monthly blogging by not posting something irrelevant in September 2019.

But it’s okay.

The reason I couldn’t blog even when I had a reminder on was not because I couldn’t think of something to write, but I because I was just busy, enjoying every bit of organising an oversuccessful event from scratch.

I’ll talk more about the event in my year recap blog among A LOT of other things but for the time being, let’s just say that my final year in college has been a rollercoaster ride till now, and will continue to be so, thanks to Invictus :’)

Another thing that I want to talk about here is the fact that we use the term ‘OCD’ somewhat casually and we should not. Yep, just that. Thanks.

I still have the burning urge to change the date of this post. I can’t change overnight after all. The only thought that is keeping me sane is that there must be some place on this soon to be extinct Earth where it’s still September 30 ;)

To being less sad over silly things and more of running!

See you in November (OR NOT!)